Meet the Artist

Emily Quandahl

Emily Quandahl is an emerging abstract artist creating layered acrylic works in Minneapolis, Minnesota whose art has been selected for juried shows. As an classically trained musician for over ten years, she shifted her creative endeavors from aural to visual and first started playing with paint in 2016. Her work highlights the juxtaposition between layers of watered down acrylics and opaque geometric shapes on canvases ranging of all sizes. Heavily influenced by the art of practice due to her musical background, each layer of the materials shows the growth and understanding between the artist and mediums being used. Manipulating where the paint will flow, yet letting it do what it naturally wants.

Behind the Design

Janelle Gramling

Janelle Gramling is a self-taught fiber and ceramic artist, entrepreneur, historic home restorer, community art activist/educator, stylist, and photographer in Milwaukee, WI.

Gramling's work is designed and hand-made in her Milwaukee studio. Every season, she pulls work from her experiments in fiber, found object, and ceramics to curate a collection of home decor and wearable adornments revolving around a theme. Inspired by raw natural materials and traditional techniques, her work touches on themes of personal symbolism and sacred geometry with a minimal yet playful aesthetic.


In the Room